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Business Cards

Did you know that business increases on average 2.5% more when you hand out 2,000 or more business cards. Business cards are still the most effective ways to network with others and it gives a more personal touch to a business conversation.

Some tips to make your business interactions even more successful are to ask for their business card in return, give out lots of business cards, and follow up afterwards. 

Office Outfitters is an expert WI business card designer and can create great products to increase the effectiveness of your marketing strategies. Let us help you grow your business one business card at a time.


Brochures & Flyers

Need to tell a larger story about your business? Brochures are the answer. Feel like you have tried it before, but it didn't seem that successful? Tell Lori what you want to accomplish by your brochure, and she will turn your idea into a focused sales tool. 

Flyers can be eye catching and concise but pack a punch with detail. Don't have time to spend on all the design? Don't sweat it! Give Office Outfitters a call and get excellent Wisconsin graphic design services. We've got your back!



Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Shhh... you don't have to shout!

Want your next newsletter to do the shouting for you? Lori will design and Office Outfitters can send it out for you. 


Carbonless Forms

Customized carbonless forms are printed here at Office Outfitters. These are great for invoices, receipt books, or other business forms you may need. Carbonless forms are a cost effective option that will give you an exact copy of the original form without the need to scan or make copies. 


Invitations & Notecards

Getting Hitched? Throwing a retirement party? Maybe you are celebrating a grand opening of your business? Have no fear, Office Outfitters is here! You can check invitations off your list and know you are getting a quality product done right the first time. 


Rack Cards & Postcards

Rack cards are a great cost effective way to market your business. With thoughtful design you can pique a potential customer's interest without overwhelming them with information. Lori is awesome at finding new ways to tell your company's story. 

There is no mistaking that postcards are the most inexpensive direct mail to send out. Sometimes, we all need to send a message by mail.

Office Outfitters can give you a design that will make a lasting impact for your business. Lori knows how to drive traffic to your business with her thoughtful design. 


Posters & Banners

Who doesn't love a great poster design? Posters, the original meme...

On a more serious note, Posters are great way to increase knowledge about your business and hold a captive audience, all at a low cost! 


Send Lori an email today about your new poster and see how effective they can be for you! 

Banners are like your own personal Billboard, but way more cost effective! Changing up your marketing messages often can bring new attention to your business. 

Did I mention how fast our services are? Why don't you see for yourself, order today, we'll see you tomorrow. 


Catalogs & Booklets

Have something to sell? Catalogs are a great sales tool and when used appropriately. An article published by CNBC states that "Millennials are more interested in your catalogs than your Grandmother is." 

Need a booklet? We can print it and bind it for you. Whether it is to market your business or transform your kid's projects into a lasting product, you'll wonder why you haven't shopped here before. 

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Letterhead & Envelopes

Office Outfitters offers cost effective custom letterhead and custom envelopes for your business. We will even create your letter contents to send out when you are ready. 


Delivery & More

We strive to be your marketing and small business hub by offering you as many options and services as we can. If you have an idea, we would like to hear about it, we would love to help. We really care about our local Waupaca community and surrounding areas. Office Outfitters delivers to Waupaca, Manawa, New London, Dale, Stevens Point, Clintonville, Amherst, and more. For businesses based outside of Central Wisconsin, can ship your order virtually anywhere.